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Turnaround Time

~5 Business Nights

Begins once I have received all of your information.

Business Hours

I work late NIGHTS, M-F, closed holidays. I usually upload templates while you're asleep. I am a full time Computer Science student during the day and web designer at night.

Response Time

Please allow up to 2 business nights for a response. I try my hardest to respond to everyone in a timely manner but please understand it's only me.💛

  • Orders
  • Template
  • Customizations

Have you received my order?

You should have received an email from Etsy Transactions with the subject "Your Etsy Purchase from ShopNicolita". The body of the email should state "Your purchase was successful." If it says anything other than that, I have not received it on my end yet and it may still be processing or it was canceled.

I placed my order! What do you need from me to get started?

YAAAAY! Thank you so much for your order! I will be sending you the next steps via Etsy messages within the day.

What is the turnaround time for my order?

~5 Business Nights. My Etsy admin does not count the day of purchase (I have no control of this, I'm so sorry. However it's best you know because I work on the orders according to how they appear in my queue). Turnaround time begins once I have received all of your information.

I purchased the wrong template. Can I change it?

Please send me a message stating the template you meant to purchase ASAP :) You may have to pay for the cost of the new template if it's a different price.

Can I return my template?


Can you make my template faster? I am supposed to launch xx-xx-21. 

I strongly advise that you do not make a launch date until you have your website in your hands. You will still have to set up your website and there is no need to rush the thing that is going to help generate your sales 💛 However, if you have an emergency, rush orders are +$55.

Can I give my template file to someone else?

No. You have purchased a single customer use template. Do not copy, share, distribute or resell.

Is this a Shopify or Wix template?

Please read the product listing or look at the product images to determine what platform the template is built for.

How does the template work?

You will get the website exactly as how it is shown in the live preview (link in product's description).

The template will change the appearance of the entire website, but the most apparent changes are on the home page.

It will also add a Blank About Us Page, Contact Us Page, Size Chart Page with Generic Size Chart, Blank Shipping & Returns Page, and Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to your website IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE THESE PAGES.

Do you install the template for me?

Shopify Templates: Yes, the template will be installed on your account.

Wix Templates: You will receive an email from Wix for a website transfer. The website transfer will automatically upload the new template as a store on your account.

Will I have to re-type my pages if I already have them?

No. However sometimes when I upload a new template, your original page(s) can get a bit wonky and I have to reformat it, but that's very rare.

(Or sometimes I just want to help you make your website look a bit more professional and cuter 😉)

Will I have to re add my products?

No. The template does not affect your products.

How does the email pop up work?

As for the email pop-up: It's simply an email collection form. You will sometimes hear it recalled to as a "lead magnet". It is up to you to decide on the email marketing platform of your choice. In order to have an email that sends out automatically after they submit their address, you would have to set that up using an email marketing platform such as Klaviyo, MailChimp, Privy, MailerLite, etc. I highly suggest using Klayvio! But please be aware that email marketing is quite robust (and incurs fees after a while) and there is a small learning curve until you get used to it :) If you are unable to set this up right now, simply reword the email pop up or select Hide Pop Up in your Editor > Pop Up.

Can I still use my Shopify while you're uploading my template?

Yes, this is primarily why I work nights. You can still make changes, upload products, etc. but I upload the template overnight to minimize the chance of you making changes while I am uploading it for you.

If you happen to be up and notice new collections, pages popping up on your account, please don't edit / delete them until I message you that your order is complete.

How do I know when the template is finished?

You will receive a message from me via Etsy stating that your installation has been completed, plus links to some videos showing you how to set up some things (if you haven't already set them up).

What does Customizations mean?

You are able to modify the template to fit your brand following three options:

1. Template Color

2. Slideshow Images

3. Text Change

Can I change the color of the template?

Yes lol :) Template Color Change: change the colors of the graphics to match your brand colors (I suggest 1-2 colors max)

Can I change the model used on of the template to my own pictures?

Yes lol :) Slideshow Image: Change the image of the model to an image of yourself or your own model.

  • Images must be HIGH QUALITY, unedited, and original files.
  • First slide: 1-2 images
  • Second slide: 1 image (goes inside the phone)
  • Photoshoots
    Well lit images taken with a phone
    FaceTuned photos


  • Screenshots
  • Cropped images
  • Bad lighting
  • Image too small
  • Images with Filters applied

If you send any of these, I will ask for new pictures.


Can I change the wording used on the template?

Yes lol :) Text Change: Have the text changed on any of the graphics and/or site navigation to better represent the type of products you are selling

Slideshow text (Example: Be your own closet goals)
Collection names (Example: Tops, Bottoms, New Arrivals, etc.)
Navigation (Home, Shop, Book Now, About Us)

Can I customize the website myself?

As for editing the site yourself, you can not edit the actual graphics that I upload as I create them in Photoshop for you (slideshow banners, category banners).

You can still customize the template itself by reorganizing the home page, adding different sections to the homepage, customizing the website's colors, changing links, etc.

You still maintain the functionality of Shopify, just can't edit the pictures I make for you. But you can always upload new pictures!

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